Organizational Change Management

Developing a new business channel will have an organizational impact.

  • marketing will create engaging content, campaigns, and nurture leads
  • sales will educate and discuss ideas with customers online - and collaborate with engineering, manufacturing, and services to facilitate buying
  • engineering / manufacturing / distribution will help generate technical content and expertise for customer buying decisions
  • services will create self-serve models or serve customers online, and
  • finance will integrate pricing and billing into the process

We focus on four main areas in this sea of change:

  • defining key process changes
  • defining key functions and roles – including new hires.
  • helping to train people to do these new roles
  • creating internal knowledge sharing and collaboration platforms (and in many cases - leveraging existing ones that have never been used)

And if your organization doesn't have the people to to fulfill these roles, we provide managed services to fulfill these functions so your business can run smoothly. 

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