Digital Business Channel Framework

It all starts with your value chain. The set of industry specific major business processes you perform in order to market, sell, create, build, deliver, service and get paid for your products and services. Some companies have already created their value chain – it’s a great tool to communicate what you do to employees, vendors, and sometimes clients .

We use the value chain to start to discover (with you) how all the functions in your organization need to participate in the development of a new business channel. Even if the initiative is being led by marketing or sales – every main functional area will be impacted – and every functional area needs to be in the planning phase.

We then jointly develop the Digital Business Framework, including:

  • the digital business channel goals and inbound marketing roadmap (including digital content marketing and social media)
  • the high level business processes of the new channel - across marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service, and finance
  • the package / software solutions to help you deliver these processes 
  • the operating model
  • the organizational model

We purposely do this hand in hand with package selection - using the software to help re-engineer business processes - so that we can maximize speed to market.

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