Client Portals & Extranets

Client portals provide your prospects and clients 24x7 access to personalized information about your services, their account, and their projects. They enable sharing of information, collaboration with your team, and they help build stronger client relationships.  Client portals can help your company:

  • in the early pre-sales phase - When prospective clients are gathering information, client portals offer a personalized space where you can give them the information they ask for, and information you think they need.
  • during the sales process - As clients move further through your sales funnel, client portals offer a personalized space for you to provide information in stages, answer questions and requests for information, and shape your story your way.
  • post sale - Once clients buy your solutions and services - the same client portals can serve up all project related information.  You can share project information, schedules, documents, deliverables, and team info all within the same space, helping you collaborate better and improve project outcomes.

We build client portals for entrepreneurial companies.  Our client portals:

  • use robust content management systems including Joomla, Igloo Software, or Sharepoint
  • use beautiful and clean design templates and packages that are structured for your business.
  • are easy to update and maintain by users
  • are scalable and will grow with your business
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