Employee Portals & Intranets

Employee Portals give your employees 24x7 access to critical company knowledge to help them do their work faster and smarter.  And they save you money.  Employee portals can:

  • help your company get new hires productive faster by providing orientation information, company information, and job information even before the employee starts. 
  • help reduce HR costs by centralizing all HR information for employees.  You can provide company policies, procedures, benefits information, and Q&A forums for all employees.
  • boost employee morale and create strong connections between employees through the use of private social networks where employees can connect, discuss ideas, ask question, and connect with other employees.

We build employee portals that help you improve productivity.  Our employee portals:

  • use robust content management systems including Joomla, IGLOO Software
  • use beautiful and clean design templates and packages that are structured for your business.
  • are easy to update and maintain by users
  • are scalable and will grow with your business
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