About Us


We’ve been working with Technology, Manufacturing, and Distribution companies for a few decades – and have helped them:

  • Drive revenue with industry focused strategy, digital marketing, and sales enablement
  • Reduce costs by optimizing business processes and delivery management
  • Beat the competition with innovative digital business channels
  • Build organizational capability with strong change and training programs

Today, our focus is on helping companies create Digital Business Roadmaps that will guide you in building strong digital businesses.

From our home base in Oakville, Ontario (just west of Toronto), we work with clients in the Greater Toronto area and Southwestern Ontario. Sitaran Group President, Reema Duggal co-founded the Silicon Halton 1500 person community, where we have access to a large number of talented freelancers, and tech professionals to work with clients.

We also are part of Configrr, a company that helps custom / make to order manufacturers build digital channels to sell their products.

Reema Duggal

Reema Duggal


Guiding Principles

Our five guiding principles include

  • We commit to building relationships and helping our clients businesses as if they were ours.
  • We commit to delivering the highest quality in everything we do. While deadlines are very important, we will not sacrifice quality for speed.
  • We commit to creating the greatest long-term value for clients in the solutions we provide.
  • We commit to being accountable to earn the respect of clients by taking ownership of everything we do.
  • We commit to building organizational capabilities to help companies we work with grow.


We’re happy to be working with a talented group of Partners who share our Principles and do amazing work.

    Paul Coleman