Collision Conference 2019

This week I attended the Collision Conference 2019 in Toronto.  Felt like I was drinking from a tech fire hose for three days.  Wowed by the amount to speakers, sessions, and topics. I learned a lot.  10 things I’d like to share:

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Blockchain – Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading thinkers on Blockchain.  This 20 minute Ted Talk is one of the clearest explanations of Blockchain.  Interesting, insightful, and easy to listen to.

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This Is Marketing

I’ve read or listened to 7 of Seth Godin’s books.  Each and every one has had a profound impact on my thinking.  The Latest – This Is Marketing – is really important.

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Happy New Year

Everybody has the same 365 days in a year.  It’s what you do with them that is important. As we set New Year’s resolutions, a big part of business focus is what we’re going to do differently in those 365 days. 

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Six Billion Shoppers

I’ve just been listening to Six Billion Shoppers on  I’m mesmerized by the global insight from e-commerce expert and former Alibaba vice president Porter Erisman.

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Somewhere between Christmas and New Years this year I was served up an ad in the sidebar of YouTube (I think) for Masterclass.  It was promoting Annie Liebovitz and her online class on Photography. 

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