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On Monday, February 13 - we'll be presenting at Silicon Halton Meetup #88 - Sell Online: An eCommerce Primer.  We'll be discussing business goals, choosing a platform, developing product / services data, payment systems, distribution & shipping, integration with ERP systems, and what skills you need or who you need to hire as you grow.  Sign up here >

Amazon Go - Changing The Face of Retail

Posted on Amazon's YouTube Channel December 2016. They're changing the shopping / grocery game. Awesome convenience.  Wonder if it would change your eating habits to be more healthy?

The Rise Of Digital Channels + The Death Of A Salesperson

Buyers are up to 80% of the way through their research and buying process before they contact a company.  How well your Digital Channel serves you is critical - because the old rules of outbound selling with superstar sale people - are changing drastically.  See the infographic below from

The Death Of The B2B Salesperson [Infographic]

The Death Of The B2B Salesperson [Infographic] [Infographic] by the team at Sales for Life


Featured In The Financial Post

Financial-Post-ArticleWe're featured in the Finanical Post - discussing Digital Business Channels.  Click on the picture on the left to read the entire article on the Financial Post website.

And call Reema Duggal at 905-847-6342 if you'd like to learn more about how we can help you grow your business and profits with a Digital Business Channel.


Understanding How Your Customers Buy

HowIBuyUnderstanding how your customers buy is the first step in increasing sales and profits. 

In this excellent blog from B2BLeadBlog, Andrea Johnson relates a great story about understanding customer needs.  In this story, the needs are of channel partners - and the requirements they have to make it easier for their customers to buy:  How Reversing the Funnel Increased Sales by 14% for a Sales Incentive Company

Take a read - the principles apply across all industries.  And call us at 905-847-6342 if you would like help in building your digital business framework to maximize sales.

What's On Your About Us Page?

For small / medium size companies, writing about themselves is the hardest part of building their digital footprint.  We know from experience that it takes a great deal of effort to help clients write an authentic about us page - without being too dry or too salesy.

KISSMETRICS recently did a great blog post titled:  10 Tips To Craft A Sizzling E-Commerce About Page.

In they say "The About Us page of your online store is extremely important and if you use it right, it will help you increase sales. E-commerce shoppers want to know more about who they’re buying from and the only place they’re really going to get that information is on just one web page – your About Us page."  Key points (with lot's of examples) include:

  1. It’s Your story, So Tell It – Honestly
  2. Find Your Voice – And Use It Consistently
  3. Plug Your People
  4. What Your Fans Are Saying
  5. Illustrations, Photos, Videos – Oh My!
  6. Keep in Touch
  7. Follow the Social Media Icon Buttons
  8. Don’t Play Hide ’N Seek
  9. One Size Does Not Fit All
  10. Update, Update, Update

 Take a read on KISSMETRICS blog

Build A Branded YouTube Channel

YouTubeManufacturing is not an industry that loves to write.  A lot of senior people that I run into in Manufacturing run at the thought of writing a blog post.  But they're always passionate about their products - and love talking about them and showing them off.

Maybe it's time to consider a branded YouTube channel.

According to Youtube, small businesses stand to benefit the most, but the uptake is slow.  With a decent digital movie camera from BestBuy, a tripod, and a headset microphone, you have the opportunity to create decent quality videos that customers will readily watch.  And by creating a customized channel - you can add your own branding - and take visitors back to specific products on your store or catalog.

Great Images Produce Great Results

ShopifyIn the world of E-Commerce, great images produce great results.  For many people, learning how to shoot and prepare great images for their online stores is a huge challenge. Unless you have a full time photographer or agency doing it for you - then someone on your team is taking pictures.

Send them this article from Shopify:  10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips.

They cover great topics around naming, optimizing alt tags for SEO, file types, file sizes and a lot more. Worth bookmarking.

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