I’ve worked in the tech industry a long time. I’ve worked with enterprise applications, oen source applications, productivity applications, and a million plugins.

Recently, as the low code movement gains steam (and I lead the Roadmap To MVP Programs for women entrepreneurs with regional Innovation centers WEtech and Haltech, some notable software players stand out. Today, I need to talk about my conversion to Airtable.

Their slogan is:

Build A Better Way To Work
Airtable’s intuitive yet powerful platform gives everyone the flexibility to create their own solution and make work flow faster.

5 Things I Love

  • It’s like Excel on steroids. It is a database, but instead of having to write SQL code and queries, you add your column headers as fields, enter your data in rows, link records in different tables, and then organize it in every way possible. I am realizing sometimes now when in Excel or Google Sheets – I’m getting frustrated that I cannot view my data in single record, kanban, or cards views. Sometimes, I find myself copying excel data into an empty Airtable table just so I can really interact with the information and understand it.
  • Gather data through Airtable Forms in minutes. It’s just another view. Just like above, create your column headers as fields in your main table, create another view called Form – and add your logo. Drag and drop any fields in the form out that you do not want to show, share the form with a link or embed it, and Go! It takes mere minutes.
  • Automations and Extensions greatly improve workflow. When a record is added, send an email, or send a slack message, or append a row in Google Sheets. So many ways to improve workflow, simplify life, and try new processes in very little time. 
  • On a Pro Plan, one year of backups. Well, that is a no brainer. You can always pull a snapshot back into your database if something goes wrong. However, I do keep the schema backed up separately.
  • Airtable integrates with everything. It has some great pre-built out of the box connectors, but with Zapier or Make – it can integrate with a lot of other software. Currently, it seems to be leading – with a ton of companies vying to show they integrate with Airtable.

Give it a try. The Airtable Community is great. Lots of help.