Over the last seven weeks, it has been incredibly rewarding to lead the Roadmap to MVP Program – a partnership between Haltech and Silicon Halton.

The goal was to help female entrepreneurs who may not have the technical skills required to develop a minimal viable product (MVP). This can delay entry into the market or cost female Founders more dollars up front to contract development leaving them short of funding to drive other needed activities of early stage start ups. Haltech in partnership with Silicon Halton created Roadmap to MVP as a way to accelerate through this milestone.

The program modules included:

  1. Defining Your Minimum Viable Product Vision / Scope
  2. Defining Your Minimum Viable Product Features and Functions
  3. Developing Your MVP With Low Code / No Code Applications
  4. Developing Your MVP With An Application Development Company
  5. Selecting An MVP Hosting / Cloud Computing Platform
  6. Testing and Launching Your MVP, and a
  7. BONUS Networking Session

Having spent a few decades in the tech industry in Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Project Management, and Practice Management – it gave me a chance to impart a significant amount of knowledge to the Founders. It also helped them understand that technical development is not as difficult as one might think.